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[The International Symposium on Wikis and Open Collaboration] We deployed the interface in a controlled experiment on the live Wikipedia site, and report on changes in the behavior of 487 contributors who were reverted by editors using our interface. Our results suggest that simple interface modifications (such as informing Wikipedians that the editor they are reverting is a newcomer) can have substantial positive effects in protecting against contribution loss in newcomers and improving the quality of work done by more experienced contributors.

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[Government 2.0 - Best Practices Wiki] Cynthia Jolly edited Canada: Considerable interest in Wikis for knowledge repository and project management. Colin Smith Stephen Fancy Canada School of Public Service .

[Adventures in New Media...and Society (Anthony Ayers)] Wikipedia's Take on Social Network Services: I think that Wikipedia would be a better, more veritable knowledge base if there was a screening process for editors. Maybe Wikipedia editors should have proof (like a PhD?) that they are experts on a topic before they can edit that topic’s page?

[learningwithcomputers] Writing with Wikis: 1) At wikis, everybody can do everything, without even informing the author of a text if they’ll have it deleted. Besides, people can make contributions and then readers will never distinguish who’s said what (unless they remember to “sign”

[Web Services] Wiki Progress: Some of the content has not been revised for some time. Therefore we can not be sure of the timeliness or validity of the content.

[] » Nature Medicine on Wikis (edited): In the old days, bloggers whose posts were included in the Grand Rounds would link to that post from their own blog. Grand Rounds, for those who are not familiar, is a weekly compilation of the best of the medical blogosphere.

[] Protect your F2C: SMART Letter #98: The Powell FCC, at least, worked towards intermodal competition, where new spectrum regulations would open the Internet connectivity marketplace to entire new sectors of wireless carrier and new technologies like broadband over powerlines. Chairman Powell, at least, had the wisdom to forbear from most regulation of Internet service providers and Internet applications, even if they threatened telcos with Skype-like disruption.

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